Bri Sotera – Athletic Communications

Living the Dream

From a young age I grew up around the Philadelphia Flyers organization, knowing that I wanted to work in the NHL. I knew that the love and passion I grew to have for the game needed to be expressed through a career. In the year 2017 I not only transferred to Drexel University but started living the dream through a Public Relations Game Night Internship with none other than, the Philadelphia Flyers. I spent two years with the organization learning the behind the scenes work of PR, Communications, and Social Media. It’s safe to say one of the biggest highlights for me was the birth of Gritty. Being a part of a world-class organization was a true dream and it made me want to work THAT much harder to get to my end goal: working in athletic communications.

The Journey

Throughout my last season with the Philadelphia Flyers I began to truly understand the hard work that takes place when working in athletic communications. I was honored to be able to gain insight from co-workers with positions in, Public Relations, Communications, and Broadcasting. As someone with such minimal experience in the sports world, I continue to learn and experience as much as I can in order to gain the knowledge and expertise needed to reach my final destination. As a recent graduate from Drexel University, I am eager and excited to continue the journey through gaining more experience in Public Relations/Communications and taking advantage of opportunities that may come my way. It’s safe to say that although the journey won’t be easy, I will not stop until I reach my ultimate goal.


Hire Me.

Though a recent graduate, I possess a hard-working mentality for work I am passionate about, along with writing skills that continue to flourish. I have a passion for learning tactics in order to better myself as a professional and make myself a top candidate for athletic positions down the road. A quick learner who is eager to make a name for myself in the world of sports. See my contact information below and get in touch.

Work With Me.

My skills and specialties include proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications, strong writing and communication skills, and a strong understanding of multimedia and social media. Fresh out of college, I am prepared and excited to use all that I’ve learned for real-life scenarios. Paired with my creative and ambitious mindset, I like to think I am a positive addition to any team.

Why Me?

I am passionate about what I love, hard-working, and a team-player. Those who I have worked with always see my passion through the work that I put out. Working hard is important to me because it’s my job to execute a task and as cliché as it may sound, I’m going to work hard in order to get it done. Furthermore, I love being a part of a team and doing things as a whole. As a sports enthusiast, teams are fun to me and I love being able to work together in creating something amazing to get the best result possible.

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